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July 2009
JULY 25 '2010
LSF Table
Maiden Lane August 29 2010

LSF Promo for 2011
LSF Promo for 2011
LSF Promo for 2011
Indie music -  crafts - shops - and spirit!

Telegraph’s street party showcasing the Bays best up and coming indie bands.

All ages fun, original jewelry, crafts and street food galore. Experience a day on the Ave as it’s closed for strolling and festivities.

We are sad to announce that there will not be a 2013 LastSudaysFest, as
our main sponsor has withdrawn.  

Much thanks to all the performers,artists and vendors that have made our past 2009-2012 LSF's such a success.
Most of all ,we will miss all of you that have joined us for our  Telegraph street celebrations.
  LSF production staff
Summers of  2009-2010-2011-2012   thousands at a time