Musician Bios:

The Fashion Slaves
"We got together to play music, dress up, and have fun,” according  to Emily Jayne and Eric Din, members of the Bay Area’s preeminent  ska band, The Uptones.  "We had some songs that weren’t ska, and  wanted to perform them live.”  So Emily and Eric recruited Eric  Knight, the former Engine 88 bass player and Pete D’Amato, drummer with The Agent Deadlies. The Fashion Slaves were created in 2011.

Dark Beach
Dark Beach is a two-piece East Bay garage/punk band featuring Melissa Neal on drums and Faith Gardner on guitar and vocals. Their sound is equal parts garage punk and gloomy surf, minimal but catchy and loud, fierce but melodic, with lyrics influenced by feminine fiction and myth. Or, as the Corvallis Advocate described them, “like Sleater-Kinney at a goth beach party”

Haunted by Heroes
The world's youngest rock band, Haunted By Heroes, are growing up in Pacifica, California. They became best friends at a daycare center when they were 3 years old. These five kids, now at the ripe old age of eleven, are rocking it out on stage from Candlestick Park to the Whisky a Go Go in Los Angeles...

Miss Lonely Hearts
With a new approach to some new old fashioned back-country/roots-a-billy music, Miss Lonely Hearts is the band you have been in search of. The percussion from the home-made suitcase drum set blends with the thumping upright bass accompaning the howling harmonized vocals resulting in a truly unique homemade sound. Within this music, the sardonic, apocalyptic influence of Tom Waits, alongside the lyrical genius and melodic sensibilities of Hank Williams Sr. and Woody Guthrie, can be heard.

The Dandelion War
"The Dandelion War successfully does the airy, Radiohead meets Sigur Ros thing, though not as long-winded. Like other bands in the genre, dynamics shift between multi-instruments, and strong beats provide a solid backdrop for the melodies. The vocals sometimes give way to the playing, which will keep the band from leaning into Coldplay territory. It sounds like they think that's a good thing." -Oakland Tribune

LastSundaysFest presents...
We are sad to announce that there will not be a 2013 LastSudaysFest, as
our main sponsor has withdrawn.  

Much thanks to all the performers,artists and vendors that have made our past 2009-2012 LSF's such a success.
Most of all ,we will miss all of you that have joined us for our  Telegraph street celebrations.

                                  - LSF production staff
Bands that Played at the 2012 LSF
Summers of  2009-2010-2011-2012   thousands at a time
Summers of  2009-2010-2011-2012   thousands at a time